A paradigm shift in x-ray imaging

Conventional X-ray

Enhanced Bone Scan

Soft Tissue Scan

Revolutionising x-ray imaging

We have developed technology which greatly improves the detail captured in X-ray images using phase-contrast imaging.

Enhanced X-ray images

Our technology provides new multi-modal X-ray images: Enhanced Bone Scans (EBS) and Soft Tissue Scans (STS) from just a single X-ray.

leaders in the imaging field

We are a global team of experts in X-ray imaging, medical physics, and scientific research with extensive experience in science, engineering and business.

The introduction of phase contrast radiography is a once-in-a-generation breakthrough. The enhanced bone images (EBI) improve diagnostic sensitivity to subtle bone lesions while the soft tissue scan (STS)  images introduce a new paradigm of soft tissue radiographic contrast.

Howard Dobson